“Dror Yikra” Vocal Edition From Asaf Shefer

May 08, 2014 1 min read

“Rabos Machshavos B’lev Ish”… and so it seems that the release of the of the album of singer Asaf Shefer will be pushed off by a few months due to the break-in to his house that he experienced, where his car and many pieces of expensive recording equipment, as well as recordings themselves, were stolen.

However, Shefer didn’t stop and give up and together with producer Eran Klein, worked on an acapella song in his studio called “Dror Yikra”, which is a special composition.

Lyrics: Dunash Ben Levert
Composition: Unknown
Performance: Assaf Shafar
Acapella Production: Eran Klein

Click PLAY below to hear the song

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