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Two New Vocal Single’s From The Wunderkind of Israel “Uziah Tzadok”

April 24, 2014 1 min read

The New Wunderkind from Israel did not rest during the Omer period. Last week Uziah Tzadok entered the studio and exited with no less than two new vocal singles for Sefira.

The first song is a cover version of his hit single “Hakol Zeh Letova” which was released this past winter and out now at your request is available as a special vocal edition for Serifa

Click PLAY below to hear the song

The second song is a special and exciting vocal performance of the hit song “Vezakeini” composed and originally recorded by Baruch Levine. Uziah’s voice is as clear as a bell in this amazing rendition and he knows just the right of both soft and powerful notes to deliver the performance of a lifetime.

Click PLAY below to hear the song

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