Baryo Chakshur “Yeled Gibor Sheli”

Singer Baryo Chakshur, who is considered one of the rising stars in Jewish Music nowadays, arrived in Israel a few days before Yom Tov from America. He was in midst of finalizing the recordings of his new English song “I Am Sorry”, which has already been released, and Baryo had composed it to during his time in America while Hurricane Sandy was happening in New York. Baryo was infused with inspiration and decided to spontaneously record a new performance of the song “Yeled Gibor Sheli”, which was written and composed a decade ago by musician Shimshon Delcovitz (soloist from the group “Oif Simches”), who passed away only a few weeks ago. The song passed along the Jewish music network quickly and from there continued to move forward until it reached places like London, Florida, France, and more, causing people to ask and push Baryo to release the song to the public.

Click PLAY below to hear the song

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