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Yeled Hapella Ilai Avidani Releases His Debut Single “Ata Ovinu”

by yossi March 06, 2014

Though he isn’t yet 12 years old, Yeled hapella Ilai Avidani has already managed to win the hearts of Jewish music fans worldwide including fans in the U.S., France, Monaco, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Panama and more.

Now the time has come to release his debut single from his upcoming debut album, which will be released soon. The single “ Ata Ovinu“, was composed & lyrics written by Erez Damari with arrangements and musical production by Yoily Dickman.

Ilai began his musical training at the tender age of four. Its well know that he comes from a musical family including his father, two brothers and two sisters who all play, sing, compose and write lyrics.

Ilai’s exciting voice includes an array of Jewish music styles, including both Israeli and Mizrachi. Avidani has previously participated in several musical/singing competitions for young talents and has demonstrated that he has the ability and is always well received by the audience. Just a few months ago he participated in the competition Jewish Kids Got Talent in the USA and won first place! Among others well known singers he has appeared with to date include the crem de la crem of performers; Avraham Fried, Yaakov Shwekey Yonatan Razel, Idan Amadi, Harel Skaat, Yishai Lapidotand others.

The production of the next project has already begun, and we are being told that after Pesach a new single will feature a surprise the likes of which have never been seen of in Israel.

Click PLAY below to hear the song

בית א’
אתה פוקח עיוורים, זוקף כפופים, אצלך כולם שווים
אתה רופא כל חולים, מתיר אסורים, משיח אילמים
באהבה לך מודים, חן וחסד מבקשים, ריבון כל המעשים
הטוב הוא ממך, העולם הוא שלך, אתה אבא אנו בנים…

אתה אבינו, אבינו מלכנו, אלוקינו א-ל אחד
אתה הטוב והמטיב, מלבדך אין אף אחד
אתה אבינו אבינו מלכנו, אלוקינו א-ל אחד
אתה הטוב והמטיב, מלבדך אין אף אחד

בית ב’
אליך פונים בתפילה לחיים, טובים ומאושרים
כל נפש מאתנו היא עולם ומלואו, בעולמות העליונים
משרתיך המלאכים ואנו הבנים, משבחים ומצפים
אנא שמע תפילתנו, נא ענה שוועתנו, אנא גאל ברחמים


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