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“Ha’Chaburah” of Ruvi Banet With Singer Moti Shteinmetz

November 23, 2013 1 min read

After years of dominating stages all over the world, and giving huge shows, Producer and conductor Ruvi Banet is releasing a new group called “Ha’Chaburah“, with star soloist Moti Shteinmetz at the lead.

Banet decided to kick off this performance with the song “Veyihiyu Rachamecha” from composer Eli Beer, because it fits beautifully with Moti’s voice. The first concert will take place as a fundraiser for the organization “Mesilah L’Kalkalah Nevonah“. The children’s choir is led by R’ Chaim Banet, and the rest is conducted by R’ Ruvi Banet.

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