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Introducing The Second Vocal Single from The Malchus Choir: Yeshorru Shom Renono-ישוררו שם רנני

by yossi July 09, 2013

The first vocal single from Israel based Malchus Choirwas released about a week ago. Since the release of that single, requests have come in from all over the world for more performances by the Malchus Chior.

This time it was Rabbi Yosef Berger Shlita whom we are all familiar with as the popular newsletter editor for the publication Penimim. Prior to the three weeks, Rabbi Berger composed a special song for these days from shabbos zemiros which discusses rebuilding Yershoilayim and the Bies Hamikdash “זק קריתי א-ל אלוקים עליון והשב את נוותי בשמחה ובהיגיון, ישוררו שם רנני, לויי וכהני, אז תתענג על ה”

He turned to the Malchus Choir led and conducted by Rabbi Pinchas Bichler to perform the vocal performance fit for the three weeks, and the result is below for your listening pleasure.
Arrangements by Rabbi Pinchas Bichler and perfect execution of Malchut Choir!

Click PLAY below to hear the song


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