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Oorah’s Shmorg 5 is Here! Watch the Trailer Now

by yossi February 13, 2013

The wait is finally over: the biggest and best Shmorg from Oorah is just about to be released! New this year is not one, not two, but THREE incredible parts to Shmorg 5 – and you won’t want to miss a single one of them. Get a taste of Shmorg5

– Watch the Shmorg Tube Trailer Now.

First up is Shmorg Tales, where you’ll be treated to a fantastic and unforgettable tale, starring Fiveish and his friends! Follow their fun-filled adventures, as they embark upon a fascinating journey to a far-flung island, where the natives are just a little out of touch with current events. Feel the tension as our beloved friends try to escape the clutches of its peculiar inhabitants. Experience the excitement and danger as Fiveish and his pals discover a shocking secret on the island. This audio story CD is a great listen for the whole family, and a perfect accompaniment for those long chol hamoed car trips!

Oorah definitely had aficionados of Jewish music in mind when they created Shmorg Tunes. With eleven tracks, beautifully sung by some of the top names in Jewish music today, Shmorg Tunes delivers a combination of toe-tapping numbers and soul-stirring compositions that are sure to entertain and inspire.

The Shmorg Tube DVD packs a whopping array of entertainment selections suitable for all ages and backgrounds. With a running time of nearly four hours, Shmorg Tube contains an impressive lineup of new features the whole family will enjoy. From exclusive productions of two Abie Rottenberg classics, The Shadchan and Pesach Blues, to a compilation of Shlomo Hadarshan’s performances from the Laptop Giveaway drawings. There are inspiring segments by noted author Rabbi Binyomin Pruzansky, and An Oorah Moment, which gives you a glimpse inside the organization that thousands call family. The Living Torah presents a fascinating, in depth look at birds in the Torah, and enjoy the full production of The Power of Tehillim, by the Grovais Brothers. Don’t forget Lipa and Fiveish, in their hilarious collaboration of The Adventures of Fiveish.

As always, this incredible collection is not available in any stores – Shmorg 5 is a donor exclusive! Donate to Oorah Auction to receive your copy – and order early to ensure you’ll have it delivered to your home in time for Pesach cleaning!

Aside from the hours of entertainment, you’ll be getting the satisfaction of knowing that your money is hard at work, sending kids to yeshiva, pairing up Torah Mates, running The Zone programs and supporting all the good work that Oorahdoes.
Don’t miss your chance to order Shmorg 5donate now to take get your own copy!


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