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Yuval Sela With The Hit of the Winter “B’ikur Bechoref”

by yossi January 13, 2013

In honor of the winter and of course snow in Israel we are proud to present this new single from singer Yuval Sela and Shachar Ariel with special lyrics.

Singer Yuval Sela took a year and a half to release his debut album “ Yomim Toivim“, the acclaimed album was very popularand played on all stations media. The album included the hit songs; ‘Hayigali’, ‘Mishpacha’ which was a duet with Chaim Oliel and of course the hit “Kah Ribon Olam”.

Like the album, “B’ikur Bechoref” even in winter, valuable member guitarist and arranger Ariel Avizov (Erez Lev Aryeh and others) did an amazing job with the song and made ​​it a pleasure to listen to and a truly addictive wintery hit.

Click PLAY below to hear the song


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