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Benny Friedman Joins Menachem Toker on Motzai Shabbat Live

by yossi January 08, 2013

This past motzei shabbos, Motzai Shabbat Live with Menachem Toker at Radio Kol Chai featured guest singer Benny Friedman who came directly from the United States for an interview and a performance on the occasion of release of his latest album “ Yesh Tikva“. Benny was accompanied by public relations guru Tomer Cohenand keyboardist Dudi Feldman.

During the evening Toker got the scoop on the Fried/Friedman family tree and how close ties with his uncle singer Avraham Fried and his influence and encouragement about spending the album. In between playing songs from the album, a special gathering was held in honor of the 200th of the Baal Hatanya’s zt”l yahrtzeit, together with keyboardist Dudi Feldman as Friedman performs live the songs Daled Bobois, Tzomo and more…

At the end of the evening, and after Toker announced the end of the show, many of the Yeshiva students who were attending the interview in the studio begged Friedman to perform the hit song “Kad Yasvun” which he did and was joined by the clarinettist/producer Dudi Kliger. The Yeshiva bochurim then joined in and made it a night to remember.

Later this week was the ninth competition featuring composers/compositions, which were submitted by listeners and a judged by listeners and music producers to choose the winner.

As usual start of the program was announced melody winning program held last week, “Nidvois Pi” (and should be noted on the request of the composer left his name confidential, which accepted in the competition of this kind), immediately after listening to a jury is very interesting, including: Yoeli Dikman, Avraham Ben Israel Yuval Shtuppel and Ariel Berman – new tunes sent over last week when the arrangements of Gilad Potolsky, and expressed their opinions on the quality of the melodies and choice of words …

Click PLAY below to hear the entire show

Our online friends are invited to vote for your favorite songs too using one of the following three methods:

1. By sending a text message with the words Motzai Shabbat at the beginning of the message and send the assigned number or the name of the song of your choice too 4040. (only in Israel

2. By faxing to 03 616-4477. (Songs can be ranked 1 – 5.)

3. By downloading the form available (here) from the Kol Chai website- Check the box for the song of your choice. Fill in your information and press SEND to be eligible for prizes .

To submit your own song to the contest, email:


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