Itzik & Avishai Eshel “Avihem Shel Yisrael” Dedicated to Maran Chacham Mordechai Eliyahu ZT”L

Singers and brothers Iztik and Avishai Eshel just released a new single dedicated to Rishon Lezion Rabbi, Chacham Mordechai Eliyahu zt”l.
The Rabbi left a generation of hundreds of thousands of students and followers orphaned. It is very difficult to describe all his works and the way of the Rav. Each day hundreds of stories and tales of open miracles the Rav was involved in emerge. He had many insights in Torah and left us with many piskei halacha, laws to abide by.

Itzik Eshel wrote the lyrics to this song with the talented Shlomit Aurbach and composed this new single “Avihem Shel Yisrael” which describes the way of the Chacham. Itzik then added his brother singer Avishai Eshel to help complete this masterpiece.

The rich musical arrangements were created by the masterful Yoeli Dickman.

Violinists and musicians from the Philharmonic Orchestra are also featured on the song.

This song was supposed to be released for the petira of the Rav on the twenty-fifth of Sivan Tsha”b. However unexpected delays prevented this, but finally it was recently completed and we are pleased to bring you this amazing and inspiring song!

Itzik tells what brought him to the decision to dedicate this special song to the Rabbi;

“I had the privilege to appear before the Rabbi together with my brother Avishai at the request of his son at the kever of Rabbi Yehuda Bar Alaai on the day of the hilula of Rashbi. We got to the parking lot and immediately heard songs and his disciples greeted him singing. I quickly got out and ran up to sing Yamim Al Yimei Melech Tosif out of kavod for the chacham. I saw my brother Avishai, who wanted to have the honor as well. When the rabbi came, he sat like a king in all his glory, who came to visit his longtime friend. The Chacham’s simplicity and look on his the face was unbelievable. Following his death, there were amazing testimonies of those who knew him more closely and testified he was just an angel. Avishai and I were reading these testimonials and we were really in tears. This really strengthened us and made us happy. We sang to him and now decided to honor and remember him through a poem that describes the way of Rabbi.

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מלאך ירד מן השמים
אל דור שמיותם,
לתת לנו מאור ומים
הטביע פה חותם,
מלאך הענווה והגדלות
מלאך טהור שלם,
חיים קדושים של התעלות
העניק לדור אילם..

אביהם של ישראל קוראים בשמך
עם מרדכי,
בזכות צדיק מליץ עלינו יושר
עם ישראל חי,
בדמעות מתחננים
עוד שנה חלפה לה ברגעים,
תהא השעה עת של רחמים…

מלאך שכל חייו הם לנו
נתיב בדרך העולה,
וכל שנקבל ממנו
רק ניצוצות מהגדולה,
מלאך האמונה והפשטות,
מלאך נסתר נגלה,
נענה מכתר ומלכות
כאליהו במצפה..

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