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Lipa’s new Chanukah music video “Believe in a Miracle”

by yossi December 09, 2012

By: Sandy Eller

Once again, producer Danny Finkelman has teamed up with superstar Lipa Schmeltzer for a feel-good Chanukah video that captures the overwhelming joy and wonder of this most special of holidays. Together with composer and executive producer Cecelia Margules, the trio presents Believe In A Miracle, an enthusiastic anthem to the Festival of Lights, as well as an exuberant reminder that even during difficult times, miracles are all around us on a daily basis.

“Like so many others, all three of us were adversely affected by Hurricane Sandy, and our brothers in Israel have also been living under very trying circumstances,” said Finkelman. “Yet despite the very serious difficulties that Jews worldwide have been facing in recent weeks, we found ourselves surrounded by miracles both large and small”

“As we celebrate Chanukah” said Margules. “We want everyone to bask not only in the glow of the Chanukah candles but also in the knowledge that our mission here is to turn the darkness into light, and that is the biggest miracle of them all”

A dazzling show of lights, combined with dancing and music that captures the magic of Chanukah, Believe In A Miracle also carries a timely message about strong family values as well as the importance of sharing the light of Judaism with everyone around us. Produced by Finkelman and Mauricio Arenas, and music by Ruli Ezrachi ‘ Believe In A Miracle’ features cameo appearances by Yossi Piamenta, Yanky Katina and Choni Goldman.

Since the days of Matisyahu
I’m inspired here and now
As I battle my oppressor
Overwhelming me to pieces.
Am I an actor, a common factor,
Or just a spiritual nuclear reactor
The more money you spend the more you lose it
Sharing a light is how to use it
The light increases

נס גדול היה שם
נס גדול היה
נס גדול היה שם
נס גדול יהיה
Miracles Miracles
נס גדול
חנוכה חג טוב

;חינוך Chanukah is
Which means education
Out society needs illumination
Illumination begins at home
Is this the peace before the storm
As I’m buying all these chachkes
I’m munching on the Latkes
It’s inflated, long awaited
This has got to be expressed and articulated.

By the miracles we’re excited
Candles are ignited
Keeps us all united
Sorry, gotta go party,
So you can join me in my Ferrari, hey
Hello, hello, I can’t be tardy
Are you joining the Chanukah party

Do you believe in a miracle
I believe in a miracle
Who believes in a miracle
We believe in a miracle


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