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Pannel of Composers On “Motzai Shabbat Live” Holds Composing Contest

For the first time in the history of Charedi radio, a contest was held to choose the winning composition is taking place. The contest is being run by the Motzai Shabbat Radio program ‘Motzai Shabbat Live’ hosted by Menachem Toker. Each week five brand new songs sent in by listeners and are chosen. They song are then arranged and performed by Gilad Potolsky. Each week one composition is chosen to move up to the next level in the competition.

On the last two programs they played the compositions that were sent in and arranged for the first time by Gilad Podolsky. The panel of judges are: Moshe Laufer, chairman of the judges committee, Yoeli Dickman, Itzik Eishel, Avremi Roth, Ofir Sobol, Moishe Roth and Shaul Hayon. The judges listened to the compositions for the first time on the live radio broadcast and gave their opinions on what they heard. At the end of each program the judges chose their favorite composition each and every week. This week Yishai Sharabi’s song, Zeh Hakatan, was the winner.

Because of the unusual situation in the country this past week, the theme of the program was achdut – unity with lots of simcha and special music.

Menachem Toker moderated a panel discussion among the top charedi band leaders about the topic of music at charedi events. Panel participants included: Ruvi Banet, Noam Chait, Ami Cohen, Alexander Mittelman, Arik and Amiran Dvir, Shaul Hayon, Ahrele Bender, Gilad Potolsky, Moshe Roth and Shalom Vagshal, Eli Laufer, Dvir Cohen and Ozer Druk. At the end of the program, everyone joined together in a song dedicated to the residents of the southern part of Israel accompanied by Ami Cohen on the keyboard.

Listeners are also involved in every ‘Motzai Shabbos Live’ program, as a prize busses drives through the city giving away FREE CD’s to whoever goes into the bus. Residents of the south got special treatment this week to uplift their spirits and warm their hearts.

Our online friends are invited to vote for your favorite songs too using one of the following three methods:

1. By sending a text message with the words Motzai Shabbat at the beginning of the message and send the assigned number or the name of the song of your choice.

2. By faxing to 03 616-4477. (Songs can be ranked 1 – 5.)

3. By downloading the form available (here) from the Kol Chai website. Check the box for the song of your choice. Fill in your information and press SEND to be eligible for prizes .

To submit your own song to the contest, email: music@93fm.co.il

Click PLAY below to hear the entire broadcast

Click PLAY below to hear the winning song

[Translated by The English Update http://www.teu.co.il/100]

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