Let me start off by saying that I am a long time fan of Shlock Rock, but never had the privilege of attending ANY of their concerts LIVE. This past motzei shabbos all that changed at the Stardust Room at Kutshers Resort. As the lights dimmed, emcee Shloimi Ash approached the stage and introduced the opening act, world renowned singers Chaim Kiss. Chaim performed the Shwekey mega hit “V’hi Sheomda” composed by Yonatan Razel. Chaim’s rendition was heartwarming and the crowd was very receptive and even joined in to sing with him. Kiss performed one more song, Shlomo Carlebach’s Moshe V’Aharon (as features on Shlomo Simcha’s Tehillim album) before leaving the stage. The crowd was ready to rock as Shloimi Ash introduced a long time personal friend and Jewish rock icon LENNY SOLOMON.

Without any introduction Lenny opened up the show with “Sweet Aroma of the Challah” and the crowd went wild. The band that night consisted of just three pieces, Lenny on keyboard, Steve “Simcha” Bill on electric guitar and Steve’s song Ethan Bill on drums. Now most concert goers would probably think that a band that size isn’t much. What you have to keep in mind is that Lenny is a phenomenal keyboardist, Steve Bill, well Steve is an amazing player and talented arranger he actually produced about twenty Shlock Rock albums and is also Avraham Fried’s musical director. Ethan Bill is a very talented drummer, case in point, the night of the show the band barely had rehearsal time and the show was flawless. So the band was truly AMAZING and the show was spectacular. Lenny announced that he was going to play some good ‘old Shlock and Roll which included golden oldies like; Kotel In The Night, Yo Yo Yo Yamulka, Minyan Man, Achashverosh and My Menorah. Listening to these classic hits that I grew up with took me to another place and place, it was mesmerizing. Lenny was teaching us the history of Shlock Rock and how it all started with an album called “Kesher 1” with the hit song Hit Me With Your Best P’shat back in 1981. Lenny was in the official NCSY house band and traveled all over and started writing Shlock Rock songs at Shabbatones. Now 26 years later they have 34 albums and are a world wide phenomenon. Lenny played 6 more songs including; Hiney Ma Tov, We’ve Got A Strong Desire and Eliyahu Hanavi, then the mc approached the stage. Funny enough people started booing before he even got to the mic. Shloimi said that it was midnight and the melave malkah including pizza and ice cream was waiting next door. But the fans wouldn’t have it. They said they wanted more Shlock and Roll and that is exactly what they got. Lenny played four more songs before closing the show with a medley of “Making Aliya Today/Am Yisrael Chai” showing his Israeli roots and klal yisroel. Lenny always talks about traveling the world and connecting with audiences all over. You can tell that to him performing is NOT just an act, its a conncetion.

I can’t wait till my next Shlock Rock concert.
Please visit to help Lenny complete the first ever Jewish broadway show (which he has written) entitled “Daniel in Babylon“.
For more on Shlock Rock or their music please visit

Lenny Solomon performing” Eliyahu Hanavi”

Lenny Solomon performing “Rashi/Abarbanel”

Lenny Solomon performing “Shalom Aleichem”

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