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Yitzchak Raaveh Spreads His Wings With His New Album

Yitzchak Raaveh always knew he was going to be a musician and that the guitar was the instrument for him. Even so, between the ages of 8 to 12 his parents hired music teachers who attempted to teach him a variety of instruments including drums, trumpet and saxophone. Those attempts unfortunately did not quite succeed. When he reached the age of 18 he FINALLY received a surprise, at last the long-awaited guitar. That guitar has since accompanied him to many kumzitzes, tours, and even to Lebanon. Friends tried to push for a more professional instrument, but Yitzchak wouldn’t hear it.

A significant change occurred in Yitzchak’s life which brought him closer to Hashem. After that change, a multitude of sounds and melodies to come down from shomayim, which reinforced his changes and brought him even closer to Hashem. The songs shook him to the depths of his soul and thrilled hearts. Family members felt a very great light and realized that this was a sure sign he had have to send the songs out into the world.

Four years have passed since then, and is now Raaveh is launching a new album, of higher quality and more mature. The new album “Kenofecho” contains a variety of songs in a variety of styles: country, soft rock, ballads and more, with a musical production by Amit Golan who hired the best musicians: Avi Singolda, Ari Vilnitz, Assaf Zamir, Daniel Ahaviel, Eran Klein and others.

The album name was originally “BeTzel Kenofecho”, but when Rabbi Michi Yosefi heard this he recommended to drop “BeTzel”, because in the album is no shadow (BeTzel), just light. A special experience, was associated with production of the song “Lev Haolam Ata“, Yitzchak had his best friends sing in the choir. People/friends who heard the song earlier loved it, and could not resist joining. At that point they decided that it was necessary to include a choir.

Raaveh is a Breslov chossid, and has two new tracks on the album which will attest to this. One song about the degree of isolation (ההתבודדות) and the other is an amusing song about the longing of the devotee to Rebbe Nachman, against all odds. An exciting music video also proves that the song “Abba”, that in the middle of filming, the script became a reality and Yitzchak began to pour out his heart like water before God Almighty.

The new album is a dream come true for Yitzchak, both from the meticulous musical production and invested in and by its inherent burning soul. Responses by those who have hear some of the songs, attest that this album will touch listeners like no other

Click PLAY below to hear the song “Abba

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