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Avishai Rosen – Ten Li Siman

November 28, 2011 1 min read

Child prodigy Avishay Rosen just released his debut album “Ten Li Siman”. Avishai was born 12 years ago in Givat Shmuel, Israel. His parents had noticed his musical talent at a very young age. Whenever there was an event or simcha for a family or friend Avishay turned into a star when he took a microphone and sang on stage. Since then Avishay has performed many times in many different venues like; TV programs, plays, and events/simchas. Already two songs of his album ‘Ten Li Siman’ and ‘Alfei Yeladim’ have turned to hits on Youtube. Avishay even composed a few songs on the album and arranged some of the music. Sign up to his YouTube channel ‘avishairosenofficial‘ and follow him on twitter @avishayrosen. The album is available in the US on GalPazMusic.com.

Click PLAY below to hear a sampler of the album

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