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Ami Magazine presents: BIG VOICES – Featuring Lipa Schmeltzer, Yanky Lemmer, Shim Craimer & Moshe Waldner

by yossi October 26, 2011

Included in this past Succos issue of Ami Magazine was a special feature: a six song album, entitled Big Voices, produced exclusively for Ami in honor of Succos. Featuring the voices of Lipa Schmeltzer, Yanky Lemmer, Shim Craimer, and the musical debut of Moshe Waldner.

Big Voices is a contemporary take on chazanus and classical music, with a Chasidic flavor that coalesces into a spiritual album that will enhance your Simchas Yom Tov. With six original compositions and lyrics by Moshe Lax, Big Voices was born when Lax realized that classical music can be infused with Jewish concepts, producing a stellar musical composition.

The result is a unique album, containing four Yom Tov theme songs and two very special compositions: CALL ME, a song dedicated to all those who have helped klal yisroel during these recent difficult times and MENUCHA a touching and somber song composed by Lax in memory of his father a”h, a well known philanthropist in the Jewish community.

Lax reached out to his dear and talented friend Sol Zeiger to collaborate on this album..”I needed to work with someone talented who has commitment devotion and most importantly an open mind who’s willing to try new things.” “This is not an album which you could like in the first minute on your first listen…this is a very new Genre in the world of Jewish Music’s a step ahead” says Zeiger.

You can listen to the songs below to visit to download the songs FREE.

Call Me
Performed By Lipa Schmeltzer

One More Day
Performed By Shim Craimer

Performed By Moshe Waldner

Performed By Shim Craimer

Performed By Moshe Waldner

Performed By Cantor Yanky Lemmer


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