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Avishay Rosen releases his debut single “Ten Li Siman”

by yossi April 06, 2011

Avishay Rosen - Ten Li Siman

With the beginning of the month of Nisan Avishai Rosen releases his debut single ‘Ten Li Siman’ from his upcoming debut album due in two months when he will turn 12 years old.

Avishay’s vocal capabilities are extraordinary, but he is much more then that. Rosen, who also plays the drums and piano got the most talented professionals to work with him on his debut album. The song ‘Ten Li Siman’, is a the result of a combination of music producers Avi Tal  and Uriel Maor working together with talented guys from Pirsumei Nisa..

The song is a call from son to a father for a sign reinforces the way in which select the knowledge that a father has always loved.

Click PLAY below to hear the song


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