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Yaldei Unveils Exciting Dinner Program

by yossi March 02, 2011

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Yaldei Unveils Exciting Dinner Program

Inspirational Speakers and Rousing Entertainment Highlights of Upcoming Evening

Sunday ,March 6At The Crowne Plaza. Montreal Canada .

Rabbi Aba Dunner! Yumi Lowy! Cantor Yossi Pomerantz! Morty Silber! The Shearim Orchestra led by the talented Yo Aisenstark!

Yaldei Lottery Draw with the wonderfully entertaining Velvel Feldman!

A surprise presentation by Yaldei children!

Sumptuous food, great entertainment, motivational speakers, guest honourees, a chance at a $25,000 prize and a warm feeling of community togetherness – what more can be asked for?
Picture this…you’re enjoying the delicious catered meal by Weiss Catering and Mr. Pinky Stein, chairman of the evening, ascends to the podium. A hush falls on the crowd as he welcomes the community to Yaldei’s 4th annual dinner.
“Good evening,” he says, “and thank you all for coming to this wonderfully special event. The fact that you are here means so very much – not just to Yaldei, but to the parents of our special needs children who are empowered and strengthened by your show of support for their children. I look out at the sea of faces and see a friend from Uptown, a friend from Tosh, a friend from Outremont and a friend from Lubavitch; I know that we are truly one in this cause. We are here tonight for our friends, for our neighbours and for anybody who will need Yaldei today and tomorrow.”
“Enough seriousness,” he continues, “there is so much entertainment on the program that I don’t even know where to begin. The up and coming singer Yumi Lowy will perform for us tonight, as always Morty Silber and the much admired Cantor Pomerantz – he of the voice that I‘m sure soars straight to Shamayim. Our local talent, Yo Aisenstark will lead the Shearim orchestra with a full string sectiont.”

The crowd begins to murmur its appreciation and Mr. Stein holds up his hand. “Wait, I’m not even close to being finished! After all, what would a Yaldei evening be without its guest speakers and special honourees? I am so pleased to introduce Rabbi Aba Dunner from London, England, who will speak of his personal experiences of living with a special needs sibling and the impact it had on his life. He is a truly inspiring individual with a wealth of knowledge, compassion and learning. I couldn’t have chosen better myself!
“Dr. Emmett Francoeur, a well-respected and much published paediatrician in the field of special needs, and close friend and advocate of Yaldei will be honoured with the Professional Achievement Award. Rav Aaron Tabak, Rosh Kollel of Avreichim, will receive the Hakaros Hatov Award, for his unflagging encouragement and support of Yaldei. The Founder’s Award will be presented to Reb Sholem Mechel Orgel, for his unconditional commitment and dedication to Yaldei and for helping turn a dream into reality.
“Of course, I can’t divulge everything – some things should still be a surprise. Special honourees and other presentation still to come!
Mr. Velvel Feldman, chairman of this year’s dinner, will make you laugh and make you smile and perform the lottery draw with such entertainment that those who are not here tonight will be sorry they missed it.
And, last but not least, the fantastic, fabulous and heart-warming presentations by the Yaldei children – who are truly proof that dreams do come true.
Thank you folks, for paying such close attention to me and without further ado, I invite to the stage……..”
Crowne Plaza. March 6, 2011. 6:30 pm. Montreal Canada  Be there.

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