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[COLlive] A Jewish Star Rehearsals

A Jewish Star finalists met for the first time at a studio in Manhattan for rehearsals for Sunday’s finals show, directed by Yochi Briskman and joined by Benny Friedman.

A studio in Manhattan was the venue Thursday for a fascinating scene of A Jewish Star finalists meeting their competitors in person for the very first time.

Rehearsals for the much anticipated finals show this Sunday at Brooklyn School of Music began at 7 PM with singer Benny Friedman preparing for his guest performance on the show.

Studio time was later given to each of the finalists and junior finalists to rehearse the song they will be singing at the concert which is almost sold out.

They came from South Africa, London, a group from Florida, New Jersey and New York and until now, only interacted with each by email and Facebook.

With renowned producer Yochi Briskman presiding, they gave it all they got before the big day when they will stand before a large crowd and the three judges Avraham FriedEli Gerstner andMendy Pellin.

Soul II Soul, the concert which raises money for Jewish special education of Crown Heights children and is hosting the contest finals, is dedicated to the memory of Chanchy Bruk OBM, a well-loved teacher in Bais Rivka for many years.