Eytan & Gad Elbaz with new single: HoEmes

February 02, 2011 1 min read

Eytan cover

Eytan Arbub 25, lives in Queens, NY. At the age 16, Eytan felt his passion for poetry and music and drew his inspiration from the poems of Gad Elbaz .

His big dream was fulfilled when Gad Elbaz performed in NY at a recent concert and Eytan got to perform a duet with Gad, the song “Tefillat Av.” Since then the two have become close friends and Gad composed and produced two singles for Eytan.

Eytan combines different styles of music in his poetry, pop, R & B and Modern American Music. Eytan hopes his music will unite and talk to everyone regardless of race or religion, worldwide.

Now they present a moving duet with the two stars with this new song “HoEmes”.

Click PLAY below to hear the song

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