January 12, 2011 1 min read


“Zemiros Choir/Magnificent Voices Creating Music”, the new music phenomenon, is under the leadership of the seasoned composer, musician and singer Yoel Polatseck.
No need to elucidate much, hearing is believing!
Below you can either hear or download LIVE audio clips from Zemiros Choir performing at a recent Simcha/Chupa. These are not pre recorded in the studio, these are all live and the talent is all real. It’s clear off the bat that this new dynamic choir has the chops and professionalism to transform your event/Simcha to a whole other level.

To have them perform at your next Simcha/event, contact them at:

P.  845.418.5381
W. ZemirosChoir.com
E.  Bookings@ZemirosChoir.com

Click HERE to download or play below to hear.

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