January 05, 2011 1 min read

JM365 b

There’s calendars for lovers of everything from Autos to Zebras…everything that is except Jewish Music. Think about it, why can’t Jewish Music fans have a calendar with 12 months of top stars to enjoy? Well as we couldn’t think of a reason either, we decided to do something about it–and what better time to start than the start of 2011? (well actually the start of 5772 would be better, but why wait 8 more months?) So please join us in welcoming (and enjoying) JM/365 the calendar created especially for lovers of Jewish music…and those who love seeing them smile. Its 12 months of everybody’s favorite stars just a click and download away–then ready for printing and displaying on your wall, desk or as a screen saver! And what better way to start this off than with the star of stars Mordechai Ben David–(talk about starting at the top!) thanks to the photographic talents of Baruch Ezagui. Be sure to come back next month–and every month afterwards and start your month reaching for the stars compliments of Jewish Insights/The Z Report and JM/365!

Click HERE to download.

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