This December 13th, be a part of the Just One Life’s IPO @ the NY Stock Exchange




NY, NY: When it comes to iconic venues few match the aura—or impact of the NY Stock Exchange. “It’s a globally recognized destination on many levels” said Rabbi Etan Tokayer, Executive Vice-President of Just One Life—and the impetus behind securing the location for the organization’s annual benefit…Just One Life’s IPO Evening which is taking place at 6 pm on December 13th

“Were we looking for a ‘breakout” location? Definitely” acknowledged the Rabbi who was in the throes of overseeing the myriad of details that accompany running an event of the IPO Evening’s size and scope “But the truth is, choosing it was about more than simply wanting a destination venue. We felt that the mindset and vision of those who succeed on “The Street” is the same as the mindset and vision that has been part of our DNA since our inception. Fact is, the real market makers and Wall Street legends are those visionary few who believe in long term value and equity”.

Rabbi Tokayer continued; “Focusing on the long term—because that’s where the real value is, has been part of our focus since our inception. Our mission is about ensuring Jewish continuity on the most grassroots level possible– by enabling expectant women to realize their dream of motherhood. JUST ONE LIFE isn’t about impersonal, awareness campaigns and other broadstroke efforts, its about providing a fusion of one on one services and support– all focused on a core principle; understanding that each woman is unique and facing their own set of challenges—both before and after the birth. Even the theme for the event ‘An IPO Evening’ was selected because the IPO in this case is about offering Inspiration, Promise and Opportunity and in the process, the confidence they need to move forward”

“Once the trust is formed, and these women realize they no longer have to face one of life’s most demanding decisions alone, the change they undergo is inspiring . Additionally, it acts as an impetus for our professional social workers to keep raising the standard…a standard that we essentially set when we first opened our doors over two decades ago.”

“It’s this commitment to the long term that inspired us to consider the Stock Exchange –a venue that represents the incredible value that comes from being seriously committed to the long term.”

Rabbi Tokayer pointed out that the hallmark of the evening was the stellar list of personalities along with the inaugural presentation of the organization’s One Angel Award which will be presented to Simon Jacobson.

“Few names in the financial community command the respect of Simon Jacobson. While he may not be known to casual investors or observers of the financial community, the savvy financial observer or investor views him with an admiration bordering on the reverential. What we also realized is that you don’t get to be Simon Jacobson or anyone of the team of notables he organized for this evening – by taking a hands-off approach. Like Simon and the team, these aren’t people who are happy with being spectators; they’re “game changers” and when they get involved in anything regardless if it’s business or organizational they do so with the intent to facilitate change…for the better.

“For us at JUST ONE LIFE, this served as an incredible validation as it told us that our message and mission is compelling enough to resonate on a much more global stage. Our 2010 roster is comprised of individuals who have no shortage of causes and organizations constantly at their door vying for their attention and support, once they understood what we are about, they immediately “signed up”. When you’re in organizational life—especially in this economic climate that’s a very gratifying reaction as it empowers you to move forward and focus on the growing the future—not just maintaining the status quo”

Recognizing this, inspired us to elevate the event to a whole new level. The IPO Evening concept focuses on Inspiration, Promise and Opportunity—the three most critical support elements we provide. Additionally, we felt that the selflessness displayed by Simon and his group has the ability to inspire others in the future, which is why they’ll be part of the inaugural presentation of The One Angel Award, created to recognize those individuals with the vision to See The Possibilities And Support Their Potential

Rabbi Tokayer concluded with a smile, “Once you look at our list of notables which includes media personalities like MSNBC’s Guy Adami –as well as numerous game changers of the financial world—you immediately realize that not just any organization has the ability to make an evening like we’re planning on December 13th happen. Fortunately for all involved, Simon and his group understand that Just One Life is hardly just any organization. While many consider our 13,000 “children” to be impressive, we view it as “a good start”. Fact is, the situation isn’t getting easier and the demands on our resources aren’t decreasing…but when it’s the future on the line, we have to do whatever we can to focus on saving save lives…even if it’s just one life at a time.

For more information or to be a part of this milestone event, please call Just One Life’s NY office at 212 683 6040 or visit them on line at JUSTONELIFE.ORG

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