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Tonight: Manis, Benny Kumzitz

by yossi November 13, 2010


A Kumzitz farbrengen with Rabbi Manis Friedmanand his son Benny Friedmanwill take place tonight, Motzei Shabbos.

Thursday, day three of “Conversations with Rabbi Manis Friedman,“ featured an open forum session with the 11th and 12th grades of Beis Rivkah with topics ranging from Emunah to relationships.

Rabbi Friedman also spoke to the teachers of Oholei Torah and hosted a late night farbrengen at Aliyah.

Upcoming session include:
This Motzei Shabbos- November 13/ Vov Kislev
“Story and Song”
Featuring father & son: Rabbi Manis & Benny Friedman
Motzoei Shabbos, 8-10 PM
For Men and Boys Only – Entrance Fee: $15
Location: Lubavitch Yeshiva (Crown and Albany)

Sunday Night- November 14/ Zayin Kislev
You’re Only As Happy As Your Unhappiest Child: Exploring the challenges and discovering the rewards of raising happy and chassidishe children.
For Fathers Only- Entrance Fee: $10
8:00 pm
Location: Chevra Shas Shul (upper level) 398 Kingston (corner of Montgomery).

Monday Night November 15/ Ches Kislev
Why Don’t Kid’s Blush Anymore: How to talk to your daughter about Tznius in a whole new way.
For Mothers Only Entrance Fee: $10
8:00 pm
Location: Chevra Shas Shul (upper level) 398 Kingston (corner of Montgomery).

To help sponsor future programs or to suggest future topics and ideas please email

[source: COLlive]


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