Avraham Fried returns to Mufeh Anak in Tsfat

November 11, 2010 1 min read

Fried Tsfat

Avraham Frieddecided to make the last show in Safed, salute the great charity organization,“Chasdei Lev “. The organization, called on – the legendary great name of Safed, Rabbi Levi Bistritzki AH, is managed – by a son Rabbi Zalmi Bistritzki .

Today the organization helps residents of Tsfat in various ways. In previous years they focused on economic management is the family.The organization has received an absolute confidence of all municipal institutions, led by rosh ha’ir Ilan Shochat.

These days, the Tsfat Municipality is preparing the area which appears Fried. Event honored, all the “Chasdei Lev“, senior officials will attend, businessmen, tycoons – capital, ministers and politicians.

Only seven hundred exclusive people will get to take part in this event, all residents of Tsfat and donors of the organization.Few places remain Pontecieleime donors from across the country.

The event will be produced – by“Michael Flynn Productions

The Event will take place on WednesdayNovermber 24th (yud zayin kislev)

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