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Photos from the 6th Annual Simchas Beis Hashoeva at the Jerusalem Theater with Eitan & Shlomo Katz

by yossi October 14, 2010


The 6th Annual Simchas Beis Hashoeva at the Jerusalem Theater was a blast. The concert was held benefiting Akim – Jerusalem. Akim Jerusalem is an organization that provides services for people with mental disibilities and other developmental disorders. Services range from events to hostels and apartments where these people live. Akim is currently raising funds to expand to another apartment to be able to offer even more to these very special individuals. Akim focuses on 3 pillars which help these individuals develop. Working on autonomy, living in the city, and inclusion not only helps these precious people with a stronger sense of self, but helps those around them appreciate life on a much deeper level.

Shlomo and Eitan came out on stage and sang a few songs together mesmerizing the crowd. Then Shlomo left and Eitan stayed on to play, say over some divrei torah, and share with us a brand new song called “Mizmor L’Dovid.” Eitan’s fast songs and niggunim had crowd members jumping in their seats and dancing on the sides. It was especially beautiful to see the children of Akim – Jerusalem dancing and having the time of their lives. Then Shlomo came back on the stage and continued the beautiful mood set by his brother with his own songs. Shlomo gave over some inspiring words from his rebbe Reb Shlomo and also introduced a brand new song called “Eliyahu HaNavi.” Shlomo also talked about a special project he is working on to spread the special message of Rav Shlomo, so be on the lookout for more details. Shlomo and Eitan’s father came on stage to sing two songs with them, including the title track of one of Shlomo’s cds called “Maalei Olam” Shlomo and Eitan sang a few more songs together and ended off with a fast niggun called “Niggun Neshoma” that got the rest of the crowd off their feet. It was a simchas beis hashoeva everyone will remember and it was truly Jewish music at its highest.
Photos & Write Up by: Daniel Bukingolts
card 1 032aShlomo Katz
card 1 034a
card 1 041aEitan & Shlomo Katz
card 1 037a
card 1 049aShlomo Katz
card 1 066aShlomo & Eitan Katz
card 1 068aShlomo Katz, Eitan Katz & Daniel Bukingolts

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