Zeh Lozeh a new song from a great Organization

October 12, 2010 1 min read

Zeh Lozah Single

The Organization“Zeh Lozeh” whichprovides support and rehabilitation to families of orphans and widows throughout the year.The organization conducts activities and attractions for families, vacationers luxury hotels across the country.

After many years of activity, it was felt necessary to produce a song for the organization that will convey the moral message of giving and granting “Zeh Lozeh.”

And the idea come to fruition.Musical management was entrusted to the processor and conductorYoeli Dickman, with a melody composer responsible Shlomo Kalish.The special performance is the singer’sYanki Ekstein.

The song was recorded in studios “Zemiros” which belongs to Chaim Banet.Producer:Aviad Gil.

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