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Elchai Refoua – Everybody’s Father

by yossi April 29, 2010

Elchai Refoua, known as the “boy with a voice like a bell” and a promising young talent himself, will represent Israel with the song “Everybody’s Father” in the Tenth Jewish Festival in Stockholm, Sweden on 25th Iyar. Elchai (aged 19) was born in Jerusalem took voice training but more than anything was born with the ability to Inspire happiness and emotion.
The popular international event has been sponsored by the Bnei Akiva Movement for the past 10 years. The finale is held at a different venue each year, in various European cities. The participants are religious youth and features songs being performed for the first time. Songs written and sung in Hebrew receive bonus points. “I am thrilled to be appearing at the event. As a former Bnei Akiva member it is the fulfillment of a dream. I have been given the opportunity to travel to new places because of my singing and to bring new life to the young people in the diaspora from Israel”, says Refoua.
Elchai Refoua will join the Israeli delegation to Sweden as the representative of Israeli song. He will perform a number of songs with artists from various countries and will perform additional songs in Hebrew along with local ones, and will also perform the theme song for the contest, which will be released within the next few days to thousands of Bnei Akiva members in Europe and throughout the world.

The moving words to the song “Everyone’s Father” were written by Hamutal Ben Zeev based on the Ramban’s famous letter (Iggeret Haramban). The melody was composed by Ohad Hitman, Nadav Biton is responsible for the  impressive musical production. The arrangement includes a rich assortment of musical instruments and voices on a grand scale. As befitting an international event, ther is an English version in addition.
His success in numerous song contests is helping Elchai to pave way for himself and build an independent musical career. Upon his return to Israel Elchai will begin preparing for his army service in the IDF at the Bnei David Premilitary Academy in Eli in the Shomron. He intends to serve in a combat unit. At that time the soldier will march with musical score, as he hopes to release his debut album at the beginning of the Jewish year.


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