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VIN Exclusive Video: Yehuda Green Bringing The Music of Reb Shlomo To The Next Generation

by yossi March 04, 2010

New York – While there are many performers out there who claim to be the next Shlomo Carlebach, there is no questions that it is Yehuda Green   who seems to the be the heir to that particular throne. In a recent exclusive interview for VIN News with Yossi Zweig of, Green talks about his new album, Yearnings, which has been released to the stores today.

Every song on the album deals with the theme of yearning: the longing for Yerushalayim, the poignant moments that Green recalls from his childhood, the indescribable ache that we all feel as we wait for Moshiach to come. Those feelings of yearning are a perfect fit for the timeless music of Reb Shlomo Carlebach.

Watch Below end of article, full interview and Exclusive performance by Yehuda

Green describes how he first heard Reb Shlomo’s music at age five, growing up in a Chassidic home in Eretz Yisroel and how his father would ask him to sing the classic Mimkomcha, over and over again. Since then, the music of Reb Shlomo has become part of Green’s soul, infusing his life with simcha and ruchniyus. In turn, Green uses this music and the power that it carries to reach people from every end of the spectrum and make them feel closer to Hashem.

As the newly chosen Baal Tefilla for the Carlebach Synagogue, Green feels an added responsibility. There are those who walk into the Shul and are only planning on staying for five minutes. It is his job to keep them there, make them see and feel what a Shul is all about. Green knows that if you give people what they want and need, it will fill their neshama, bring them closer to their roots and they will come back, over and over again.


In the three years since Green’s debut album, Land of Your Soul, came out, Green’s career has rocketed skyward. He is universally loved by people from all across the religious spectrum and has performed in numerous locations, several Kumzitz on the Hudson cruises and even appeared in the prestigious HASC Concert in 2009, with superstars Yaakov Shwekey, Dovid Gabay and Boruch Levine. When asked who he would like to perform with next, Green answers that we all have to be b’achdus and he is happy to sing with anyone and bring more nachas to Hakadosh Baruch Hu.

Asked how he feels to be called the next Reb Shlomo, Green says he just ignores the comparisons and is just doing what he knows how to do. While he certainly sings with a Carlebach ruach as he has been following Reb Shlomo’s music since the age of five, he admits he never dreamed he would be the one to express Reb Shlomo’s music to the world. Green has no doubt in his mind that Reb Shlomo is with him and tries his best to follow in the Carlebach’s footsteps, keeping Reb Shlomo’s neshama and ruach in each and every song. Green says that if Reb Shlomo were here to advise him now, he would tell him to “sing it the way Hashem gave it to me.”

As a final treat, Green performs a new song exclusive to VIN readers from his new album, called Nafshi Lashem, a joint composition between Green and Shlomo Carlebach. Given his past track record, the album is sure to be very well received by music lovers from all walks of life.

Interview was filmed in ProTubes Studio, Brooklyn NY

Filmed By: Video Maven-Yossi Tepper

Produced and Directed By: IntelligentNoise –

To watch the Full 30 minute exclusive interview click below:

Or to listen to the song he preforms for VIN Readers click below:


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