Yosef Karduner – Yearning For Shabbat

February 16, 2010 1 min read

Yosef Karduner, one of the leading artists in contemporary Jewish music and who is identified with the early days, signed on the song “Shir L’amalos”, a tune who has invented many performance.Karduner has released thus far as great number of solo albums that won much praise and success.Yearning For Shabbat  is a album where he takes out a new album Songs of Sabbath that are from the chassidius of “Breslov”.

As befits a productions fromKarduner this one is an exciting and true Jewish nigumin.Yosef host the interesting duet Shuli Rand Poetry “Azamer B’shvachin”. This track was produced in two versions – one of which is a shorter one, for radio stations. “Rabbi Nachman himself zochu yagen oleinu, before he reached his place of kavod as a big rabbi, before that, all his life he was much singing zemiros and songs every Friday and Saturday Saturday. Excerpted from  Likutei Hmohar”n quoted on the cover of the new disk. To purchase the album visit JewishJukebox.com.

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