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“Aish U’bamayim” – Ronnie Kashi’s new album, a musical tribute familiar Israeli songs

by yossi January 13, 2010

Aish U'bamayim - Ronnie Kashi

“Aish U’bamayim” – Ronnie Kashi’s new album, a musical tribute familiar Israeli songs. Ronnie Kashi took a proper list of familiar hits Mediterranean, they exchanged words in texts of Judaism and faith actually upgrade the tunes.

Music professionals who know the versions claim Kashi managed to keep the character of the songs, the lyrics sound very similar close to the source versions. Kashi’s performance and maintain a fairly precise style of the original song. Other album tracks were added including new performance Hmhodshim Rimixim of Kashi. באלבום משולב גם דואט עם האומן ‘וורוניוס’. The album also incorporated a duet with the artist “Ooronios”.

[HT: Chasidinews]


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