August 20, 2009 2 min read

New York, NY; As most any simcha band buff will attest to, the world of wedding bands in essentially a “revolving door” world.  Meaning that with precious few exceptions musician and music wise, very little exists (logoed bandstands aside)  to identify one band from another. One of the few bands that has cut through the ”bandstand blur” clutter has been “Freilach” aka Monroe Power aka the Monroe band etc. Rather than tuxes, the 5 member core group is instantly recognized by their L’vush—as in the standard white shirt, black pants and vest/”reckle”. But what really identifies them is their sound; regardless if its yeshivish Chassidic, Sephardic or jazz standards, even the novice listener will be impressed by what they’re hearing—in short, this is one group that’s about simcha.

Despite their high degree of instant recognition (you don’t confuse Freilach with any other “office”) Avrumi Shreiber and Mendy Hershkowitz are two guys who prefer concept to compromise which is why they decided it was time for a logo that defined them—even if it defied conventional “band logo” thinking. To accomplish this they turned to Eli Kaufman of KZ Creative/NY. Like them, Eli hails from a heavily Chassidic community and like them he prefers to have his “DNA” sparks his creative muse rather than stifle it.

The result? A new logo for Freilach and a new standard for simcha band looks in general.  By combining retro elements from 1950’s Yiddish newspaper ads with a touch of “ late 60’s Haight-Ashbury meets Disney” Kaufman has created a look that immediately communicates the energy and dynamics that is Freilach.

When asked about the bands reaction to it, Shreiber commented with his signature candor. “Was it what we were expecting? Not in the least. But if Eli gave us what we were expecting we wouldn’t need him. We came to him for “next level” thinking and that’s what he gave us. This logo doesn’t say who we are—it captures it…almost like a photograph  It says that our name is an adjective as well as a noun because it describes what we try and create”. Kaufman said that while the group was originally taken aback by the idea—they just as quickly warmed to it. “There’s two types of clients, those who try and teach you and those who realize that the only way we look good is by making clients look good. Avrumy, Mendy and the band are from the latter group—which is why their music is as fresh as it is—because they’re always open to thinking and ideas.

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