Regesh Sampler, Poster and Pre-Order!

May 11, 2009 1 min read

It’s not modern. It’s not different. It’s not even groundbreaking! What is it then?

It’s the same classic style you’ve always loved. An exciting return in an all new album from Abish Brodt (vocals) and Shmuel Brazil (compositions.)

Regesh is back with it’s amazing 11th volume! This is an album that needs very little introduction, Regesh is one of the longest lasting and most inspirational series in all of Jewish Music. Reb Shmuel and Abish will no doubt engage your musical tastes while leaving you singing, dancing and wanting more!

THIS ITEM IS AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER ONLY. Pre-order your copy of the all new Regesh Volume 11 today! This CD will be in stores on or about May 19th. As soon as this CD is released your album will go out immediately.

Click Here to Pre-Order the CD Now! .

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