Asaf Leibovitz: “Mituvcha” – Second hit from soon-to-be released album

March 26, 2009 2 min read

Hard on the heels of Tipul Tefilla, a social protest which aroused wide-spread interest,
Asaf Leibovitz presents Mituvcha, a song in a more traditional Jewish style. Leibovitz is 41,
born in Haifa, married and the father of three children, he now lives in Hod Hasharon and
sees himself as a Hassid and a musician, in that order. Besides being a guitarist and
composer, Leibovitz has semicha (and served as a reserve army chaplain). "Jewish music
and Torah learning both come from the soul and both become a way of life", he says to
explain the connection between two apparently contradictory interests.

The melody of Mituvcha, written by Asaf and his wife Pazit, creates the sublime shabbos
atmosphere that descends on Friday afternoon. "Kulam Yitangu Mituvcha" Asaf sings of all
those who know how to enjoy the unique gift given to Am Yisrael which is Shabbat. At first
the music is soulful then the beat picks up and builds up to become a true celebration of
the day of rest.

Asaf’s musical career began long before he became a baal teshuva, when he studied at the
Rimon Music School and worked with entertainers such as Aviv Gefen who even wrote one
of the songs on the album. Following this, Leibowitz came back to his roots and in recent
years he has devoted himself to learning and spreading Torah, and has become a sofer
stam. At present he combines both worlds, giving lectures on Jewish subjects and making

Asaf’s first album, shortly to be released, expresses his worldview as one who is familiar
with both the secular and the religious world and who tries and succeeds in finding what
both worlds have in common in a quest for spirituality which brings both ends together and
creates a musical bridge between them in an album called iy"H Tipul Tefilla. The album
features topnotch artists such as Avi Singolda, Musical production is by Dudi Tamir.
The album is distributed through ‘Greentec’ , the largest Hassidic music company in Israel.

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