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The Kol Noar Boys Choir

by yossi January 08, 2009

What do you get when you combine Mo Kiss signature style with a group of talented boys?

The long awaited debut of The Kol Noar Boys’ Choir!

Maybe you heard them on Lipa Schmeltzer’s Hallel Album. Or AKA Pella 2 or 3. One thing is for sure. Kol Noar Boys Choir is most definitely not your typical boys choir. Featuring ten original songs, composed, arranged and produced by the hotter than ever Mo Kiss, conducted and directed by Bentzi Ptalis, their unique sound and amazing harmonies are sure to be noticed.

Get ready for their debut CD, due to be released in time for Purim!

For more please visit

Choir History:

Originally founded in 1998 by Moshe Kiss and Benzi Ptalis, The Kol Noar Boys Choir quickly gained recognition in the Jewish Music scene with performances in the New York and New Jersey areas.

Memorable highlights include performances with Superstar Mordechai Ben David at the Hasc XII Concert in the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City, and the famed Yehuda! at Brooklyn College. The choir was also featured on the Mordechai Ben David album: We Are One, and contributed vocals on the hit album Kol Yisrael Chaverim by Yehuda! & Friends.

During exciting performances and guest appearances, the choir had some time to record vocals for an album originally slated for release in 2001. Months of recording at various locations with our mobile studio turned out some amazing vocal performances. Regrettably, these musical memories remained shelved as finances and eventful times affected the choir, resulting in many setbacks.

Recently, choir leaders Moshe & Benzi have reunited the choir, and have been developing and preparing an electrifying comeback. Working hard in Moshe’s own Recording Studio 48V, energizing new music and compositions are being created for this ultimate and long-awaited debut album. The choir will be recording vocals starting September 2006, and will be working well into the months of the year.

Please join us on this amazing journey and help us make Jewish Music history as we present to you: The Kol Noar Boys Choir!

Latest Choir News!

December ’06

Check out the Choir on the new LIPA album! Track 10 – Hayom Nagila, features the Choir singing together with LIPA! Hear a clip here: mms://

November ’06

The choir will be featured on albums by two major Jewish Music superstars, both to be released within the next few months! Also, JE Magazine has a small blurb about the choir in “The Insider” section of this month’s issue.

October ’06

Recording is ongoing and sounding amazing! New members are joining the choir as word of our great production travels fast.

September ’06

Congrats to all on our first recording session that took place on Thursday the 28th. Choir members and parents were excited to hear new music in the studio, and begin the recording process.

Choir Auditions
Can you sing?
Are you talented?

Auditions for The Kol Noar Boys Choir are now being held in the Monsey, New York area.

To arrange an auditon email us at


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