Kol Zimra tonight 12/15/08 at the White House

December 15, 2008 3 min read

Kol Zimra Vocal Ensemble To Perform At White House Chanukah Celebration. Pioneers Of Interactive Jewish Vocal Music To Debut Original Chanukah Song Composed For Occasion.

More information specific to the event is available in the White House press release WhiteHouse.gov.


New York, NY (December 15, 2008) – Kol Zimra, the interactive Jewish events a cappella ensemble, will make an encore performance of Chanukah music at the annual White House Menorah Lighting celebration today. The 15-man ensemble will perform for the President, First Lady, and guests.

Kol Zimra will debut an original Chanukah song entitled “Thank You (The Chanukah Anthem),” written specifically for the occasion. “We want the spirit of Chanukah to inspire worldwide peace and prosperity this holiday season,” said Kol Zimra Executive Director Alex Katz. The group’s performance will accompany the ceremonial Menorah candle lighting by President Bush and the grandsons of President Harry Truman and David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first Prime Minister.

“We’ve arranged a song that interweaves classic Chanukah songs and themes with a rousing American-style melody that’s meaningful and really rocks,” said Kol Zimra Executive Producer Jordan B. Gorfinkel, who co-authored the new composition with noted Jewish superstar Sam Glaser.

Also, on Sunday 12/28 at 4 PM EST I will be hosting “The Voices For Israel Show” on Sirius-XM satellite radio. They dedicate an entire channel, 24/8, to Jewish Music; Jordan will be sharing songs from and schmoozing about his CD productions, including the two Voices For Israel double albums and Broadway concert DVD that united Jewish Music stars to benefit victims of terrorism charities in Israel. (A special website is next week being set up with links to more information: www.VoicesForIsrael.org/radio)

About Kol Zimra:

Kol Zimra was founded in 1999 to engage clients and their guests at celebrations and events, including Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, weddings and corporate functions. The group, which performs nationally and in Israel, customizes ensembles from its pool of versatile singers. Their large repertoire includes songs in Hebrew, English, Yiddish and more; guests are as likely to request “Jerusalem of Gold” as they are American pop standards and the latest radio hits.

Kol Zimra pioneered interactive a cappella entertainment for Jewish celebrations. Kol Zimra’s performers interact with guests, joining together in multi-part harmony and mimicking instruments such as drums in the popular style of boy bands and hip hop performers-”Only we’re dressed like nice Jewish boys,” said Producer Gorfinkel. “Kol Zimra is like having long lost cousins who liven up the party with the songs you love and incredible energy.”

The group performs all year round, sometimes at several occasions concurrently. They are popular with Jewish people of all backgrounds. Director Katz said, “Clients always rave after their event about how the food was wonderful, the decor was superb—but Kol Zimra made all the difference, by bringing the spirit and meaning.”

Here are some pictures from the event supplied by Jordan Gorfinkel.

Kol Zimra is cleared for security and prepares to be welcomed into the West Wing entrance of the White House.

The president landing.

Kol Zimra performing between President Truman’s menorah and the podium with the Presidential seal. The guests of honor who had just lit the Menorah were the grandsons of Truman and Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion. The staircase in the rear of the photo leads up to the third floor, the private residence for the First Family. The hall on the right connects the East Room with the West Room; the famous Red and Blue Rooms are in between. Senator Joseph Lieberman is seated in the front row, all the way to the right.

For additional information about Kol Zimra, to read testimonials, listen to sound clips and watch the group’s 2004 White House performance for the First Family, visit KolZimra.com.

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