A new single for Ido Portal

October 12, 2008 1 min read


Physical therapy consisted of playing the guitar…
Hailing from Kibbutz Meirav in northern Israel, Ido Portal (20) is a religious soldier
and graduate of Eli Yeshiva in Binyamin. Ever since he could remember himself, Ido
has been into music. In his younger days, he started a youth music group with
friends, and also produced two independent albums that have been recorded,
printed and sold directly to consumers, with no advertising involved and without the
assistance of a music distributor.
Later on, as he became older, Ido began writing lyrics and music on his own. During
this year, Ido wrote and recorded his formal debut album, Shima Be’koli (Hear My
Voice), which will be available in stores, God willing, in the coming winter months.
The album includes both original songs and songs from the Holy Scriptures. The
single from the album, hereby enclosed, is called Havdala both music were written
by Ido.
Ido is currently in the process of starting a new independent music group, which
intends to hold concerts during each Melaveh Malka, under the name Bein Kodesh
Le’chol (Between the Sacred and the Mundane); in these events, the group will play
both original songs and Carlebach songs, offering unique adaptation and musical
Currently recovering from an accident, Ido has had to undergo physical therapy in
order to save his left arm. At some point, he decided that the best way to train his
hand would be playing the guitar. The Time of Injury was dedicated to the
completion of the album and focusing on singing.
The album is expected to be released by Hindik Productions

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