Kaf Al Kaf: Lipa Schmeltzer & The Kinderlach In A New Music Video

December 21, 2014 1 min read

About a year ago superstar Lipa Schmeltzer released his most recent album with which featured the popular song “Kaf Al Kaf,” in which he was joined by Israeli boys group the Kinderlach. The song went on to become a huge hit overseas, mainly because of the Jewish message and longing for Eretz Israel. Now the song becomes public property, it is time to release a special music video, filmed in Israel, but leaves the scent of Main Events abroad. Lipa at his best, and the Kinderlach om top of their game ever so colorful.

As pioneers in the field of advanced music, the connection between Lipa Schmeltzer and the Kinderlach is natural and appropriate and is a continuation of many collaborations in the past when the focus is indeed on innovative and original music that gets only good partners in the project.

The current music video featuring Lipa & the Kinderlach chose to devote battalion who spend day and night to protect the people of Israel in prayer league safe and sound body and spirit.

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