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Shalom Vagshal Becomes The Official Choir Director for “Malchus Choir”

by yossi December 23, 2014

Last week Motzei Shabbos, after the Malchus choir finished a number of concerts in Yerushalayim, they had their biggest event! Held in the Beis Yisrael halls in Yerushalayim, they had a Who’s Who from all of the Malchus and Menagnim families and their friends, to drink a Lechaim.

The Malchus choiralso found a musical way to bless the successful endeavor with a special Motzei Shabbos atmosphere.
Photo Credit: Moishy Goldstein

דינר גור י-ם כ''א כסליו מוצ''ש

דינר מתמידים כ''א כסליו מוצ''ש (2)

וגשל עם מלכות (2)

וגשלעם מלכות

יום ההצלה סאטמר כ''א כסליו מוצ''ש


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