Itzik Dadya Singing “Mimamakim” For France

January 11, 2015 1 min read

The terrible tragedy of the Jews of France, reminds us all dark periods in history. But, as in every case, even music has its context and the hot corner reserved for her in all of us. Several years ago, while Israeli singer Itzik Dadya was in the midst of recording his second album, disaster struck, when three girls were killed in a explosion of a gas cylinder in Netanya. In memory of those girls, who were from French families, Itzik recorded the song “Mimamakim” in French and dedicated it their memory.

Now, unfortunately, the song has become relevant again with this terrible story in France. Bnei yisrael need more then ever the encouraging words, the mussar and chizuk that reinforces that each and every one of us are concerned.
May we hear only good news.

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