Micha Gamerman – Kesher Shel Kayama With A Live Symphony Orchestra

February 22, 2015 2 min read

The rising Brazilian star Micha Gamerman, is surprising us with a new and exciting video clip for the emotional hit from his debut album, the title track, Kesher Shel Kayama. The song was recorded anew in a live performance with a 70-instrument symphony orchestra, conducted by Maestro Meir Briskman, using a brand new and rich arrangement by Ron Shefer. Additionally, they included a number of concepts and ideas from the story of what led to this unique clip in the video itself.

Micha said, “This began with a dream that I had one Shabbos. I had a puzzle in front of me, but I didn’t really get so into it, so I put it down and went to Shul to go daven for a Shidduch. Tears were pouring out of my eyes, and the tears caused the letters to start flying. In my dream, I started to run after the letters, but I didn’t manage to catch them until they went back to my house by themselves, and I understood that I need to work in order try to put the puzzle together and understand what the message was that I was being sent. And then, after I put the puzzle together I found that it displayed my Shidduch. I understood the message of the dream to be that at times, we receive message from heaven and we don’t understand them, but its forbidden to neglect them in any way that the world presents them to us, because there is a message behind everything. Davening is very important, but we also need to realize that we have to put in our own efforts as well to chase after things in life. At the end, it’ll be clear that if we put our best efforts in, Hashem will do His own part and set up for us the greatest Simcha in life, the happiness of marriage. Right after I woke up from my sleep, I felt obligated to translate my dream to a video clip that immediately connected to my song Kesher Shel Kayama, from the first album, with a live symphony orchestration. I dedicate this video to my wife and to all of the Chassanim and Kallahs in the world.”

Composition: Yitzy Berry
Arrangement: Ron Shefer
Musical Conduction: Meir Briskman

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