“Hishbati” Dor Assaraf With An Instrumental Single Off His Upcoming Album

March 10, 2015 1 min read

Saxophonist Dor Assaraf is releasing the first taste off of his upcoming solo instrumental album. In the album some of the best Jewish compositions are performed in a smooth Jazz style. Assaraf is a 30 year old musician who has accompanied some of the biggest names in Jewish music, Fried, MBD, Shwekey, and others, throughout the world, and is considered one of the top and most requested musicians in international Jewish Music. His new album will soon be released after Lag Baomer, but until then, enjoy Hishbati from Kalish, re-arranged by Assaraf. The song opens with the voice of Assaraf’s grandfather.

Brass Instruments: Dor Assaraf
Composition: Avraham Pinchus Breyer
Arrangement: Hod Moshonov
Mixing: Ben Ma’Or

Click PLAYbelow to hear the song

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