Blue Goes Green – “On Giants Shoulders” – Benny Friedman & Zemiros Group

March 15, 2015 1 min read

Blue Melody, Benny Friedman & The Zemiros Group performing one of the most powerful English – Yossi Green & Avraham Fried collaborations – “On Giants Shoulders” – Originally recorded on Shtar Hatanaim.

Performed By: Blue Melody Group
Sung By: Benny Friedman & The Zemiros Group
Mixed: Aryeh Kunstler – Roar Studios
Video: Mutti Engel
Composed By: Yossi Green
Originally Sung By: Avraham Fried


When I was young, I heard a tale
Of a giant standing tall
And his son, oh, so small
They shared a dream to see the king
They hungered for the day
And hurried on their way

As they neared, the two despaired
A wall rose to the skies
Above the giants eyes
Wait my son, said he
Climb upon me
And after you arise
You will be my eyes

And we will do it brothers
After us there’ll be no others
You and I will do
What giants wanted to
So stand and take the credit
We will be the ones to end it
Though we’re small
We’re standing tall
Like soldiers
Riding high ’cause we’re on our fathers shoulders

Holy and pure, our fathers were
Giant righteous men
We are small compared to them
But our deeds, upon their deeds
Together they will bring
Moshiach our king
Moshiach, Moshiach our king


It’s up to us
To hammer home that final blow
Our fathers started long ago
Compelling us to follow

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