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Harel Tal – Ani Ha’Eved

by yossi May 12, 2015

Harel Tal continues to move forward intensely towards releasing his debut album, due out within the next few months. Eit Dodim was the first single to be released, it was a new musical composition to the ancient Piyut, and has received a very warm reception. At the moment he is releasing a second single, just as interesting as the first, and its called Ani Ha’Eved.

As you will remember, Harel began singing almost at weddings about a decade ago. The world of music was a part of him from when he was a young child, to the point that writing and composing songs was only a matter of time. One of his more well-known songs is Ein Kadosh Ka’Hashem, and a few others were performed by the Lehava orchestraon their album.

Recently he has been hard at work on his debut album called Nafshi B’Sh’Eilasi, which will hopefully be released soon. Some of the best musicians worked on this album, such as Avi Singolda, Amit Yitzchak, Avi Avidani, Adi Chait, and others, and Avi Tal produced the music. Harel composed everything on the album, the lyrics and the words are from Pesukim, Piyutim, and one song he wrote himself.

Ani Ha’eved is the name of the new single that Harel is currently releasing. The song, which has been refreshed with a new tune, was originally performed by singer Itzik Kallah, and the lyrics were written by none other than Uzi Cheitman.

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