A New Music Video For Motty Shriki “Higiah Ha’Zman”

June 17, 2015 1 min read

The students at the Ariel University have come to the conclusion that “Higiah Ha’Zman”.

Motty Shriki is releasing a new video clip, made by the students of cinema and television at Ariel University, who heard the songs and requested to produce a cinematic video clip for one of the songs from the debut album. The song that they chose was “Higiah Ha’Zman,” filmed in the city of Ariel and the studio with the piano, as well as in the cultural center in Ariel.

Higiah Ha’Zman puts together all of the components possible that fill our world nowadays. His lyrics express all of the craziness in the geopolitical realm of Israel and Judaism, the daily struggles that we find ourselves in so that we can live with a bit of serenity, such as trying to build and develop our families, etc. His arrangements make us think deeply, and the compositions for the lyrics complete the emotional experience.

He was really excited when the students at the university approached him to produce the video.

Motty Shriki lives in Shvut Rachel and works in Eretz Binyamin. His life is full of creativity, being that he works in graphic design, and composes music at the same time.

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