Netanel Marshall – Ha’Simcha Shvi

June 20, 2015 1 min read

Netanel Marshall is a 22 year old singer from Bnei Brak, who has lived in his music since he can even remember. Already when he was a child whenever he had the chance, he would grab a nearby microphone and sing. Over the years he began to perform at private events, and people began to notice. People started encouraging him to go record some of his own material in the studio, and everyone who heard what was happening in the studio fell in love with the melodies he had created. Some people even began to ask him to perform his songs live for them in a mini-concert, but he and production team decided they wanted to wait until they could release a single publicly before making any concerts.
Ha’Simcha Shvi is the first single he is releasing. It is a fun and upbeat song, that will bring simcha to all of us.

Lyrics and composition: Netanel Marshall
Arrangement and Musical Production: Motty Simon

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