Yaakov Shwekey – I Can Be [Official Music Video]

July 02, 2015 2 min read

A song dedicated to the children and staff of The Special Children Center.

Download & Lyrics: http://www.thecenternj.org/icanbe

About the Song:
Almost twenty years ago my wife Jenine and her best friend started The Special Children’s Center from a one-room apartment. Back then they were just teenagers with a dream to change the world, one child at a time. They felt a tremendous need for special children to have a place to flourish, to receive the care and attention they need, and to wrap it up in happiness. With the help of so many believers, that endeavor grew into a multi faceted Center for more than three hundred special children across three locations. While there is no end to the demand, there is also no end to their determination. While traveling and performing all over the world for the last fifteen years I’ve seen with my own eyes the gift that music can give and the depths it can reach. The power is within every one of us… you can be anything, no matter what challenges you face. That is the magic of love, and the magic of this song. It is for you, the children and staff of the Center, and for you, all children around the world — each of you is precious, you can be anything. This song is for you.

–Yaakov Shwekey



– SONG –
“I Can Be”
Composed by Yitzy Waldner
Lyrics: Sophia Franco
Arranged by Udi Damari
Mixed by Ian Freitor

Directed by Mendy Pellin
Produced by Arnon Z. Shorr
For Mendy Pellin Media

Associate Producer Avi Soroka
Production Assistant Moshe Weinberger

Director of Photography Christopher Bye
1st Assistant Camera Joe Reinhart
2nd Unit Director of Photography Uri Westrich

Vincent Gruosso “Father”
Tova “Daughter”
Joe Harkins “Old Man”
Coby Segal “Teenager”
Dassy Weinberg “Flying Kid”

Edited by Paul Forte
VFX Mendy Pellin

Special Thanks
Jenine Choueka
Rachel Farhi
Shani Gross
Chaya Bender
The Special Children’s Center Staff, Students, Volunteers and bus drive.
Aliza Weiss
Jonty Fine

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