Rogers Park DEBUT ALBUM (Soft Launch Stage)

August 26, 2015 2 min read

The Jewish Innovation

Rogers Park is Yosef Peysin and Mordy Kurtz. We are a Hassidic Folk Rock Duo. Our project is to touch souls and inspire yidden from all walks of life by sharing our music with the broader Jewish community. We have both been ordained as Rabbis and for the past five years have been singing, teaching, and building Jewish community all over the world – from Illinois and Florida to Ukraine and Australia. Music tears down walls between people and takes us to places we would never dream. We want to share our stories, songs and melodies with you for years to come, but we can’t do it on our own – we need your help!

The Impact

We are filling a void we see in the creative expression of authentic Jewish tradition. We have played together with and in front of Jewish people that identify as secular, Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, Hassidic etc.. The response was tremendous every time. At the end of every performance there was electricity in the air and celebration in our hearts as any barriers separating people melted away in the warmth and joy of the music and stories told.

Our number one goal is to bring together Jewish people from all backgrounds and affiliations in celebration of our shared tradition and common heritage. This can be done with your participation in this album.

What the money is for

Our funding will be used to bring our music to Jewish communities all over the globe.
In order to do this we will be recording a full length album.
The main portion of the funds will be directed towards recording the songs, and working with a production team to get all those little details just right. We will need to have all the songs properly mixed and mastered so when the music plays out of your pumpin’ stereo, your audio receptors will be buzzing with delight.
The remains will be used for printing and distribution of the album.
Here’s the break down. We did as much as possible to reduce the costs of our project but at the same time have the quality we are looking for.
It costs $1,000 to record and produce each song. Mixing and mastering, another 2,000 for the Album and for distribution design and printing another 2,000.
So we’ve got work to do.

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