“Mizmor Letoda” Tzvi Yosef Herzog Sings A Song of Thanks

August 27, 2015 1 min read

Tzvi Yosef Herzog was born in Argentina and moved to Israel at age 20. His love for music he got from his father Z’l who was a pianist, and already from age 10 he began to learn to play guitar from private teachers. When he realized that music was becoming more than just a hobby, he decided to leave Argentina, which was an uncommon thing to do, and begin to study music in an organized and serious fashion. Despite the fact that his life in Argentina was completely secular, his life morphed towards the non-religious Jewish community, but he began developing a strong Jewish identity.

In Israel he began a long soul-searching journey, alongside his musical studies, and after some time, became religious.

Within three years after becoming religious, he joined the Breslov Chassidus and got married to his wife. He began to compose songs, which slowly gelled into an album, which will be released soon, called Hitkarvut.

Here is the first single off of that album, called Mizmor Letoda.

Click PLAY below to hear the song

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