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The Slichos Duet: Aaron & Yonatan Razel Sing From Slichos “Machey U’Massey”

September 08, 2015 1 min read

Everybody already knows and is familiar with the family story of the Razels. Its well-known that the Razel family was raised and became religious in the Nachlaot community of Yerushalayim.

However, what most people are not aware of, is that for the first time, Yonatan is featured as a guest duet on Aaron’s new album Ha’Ish Biktzeh Ha’Sadeh, in a Sefardic Piyut.

It is practically already a tradition for Yonaton to duet with Aaron in his albums, however, for this particular album, it was only natural to invite him to join him in a Piyut that both of them love and remember from their childhoods.

Click PLAY below to hear the song

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